2017 Reel

"A simple picture is worth a thousand words; radically designed motion is beyond words -- it is the language of the soul."


Great new ideas have the potential to uplift and inspire the soul of humanity –
Technology has the potential to power these ideas.

I am committed to both.

With three decades of experience, I am a seasoned guru of UX/UI Design for Motion, Broadcast, and Commercials. A passionate collaborator, I breathe life, and the essence of humanity into your design or prototype.

As an inventor of large company patents, I understand visionaries, and just how significant great new ideas can be. Your new idea may pave the way for an industry to move forward, just as my collaborative contributions at Microsoft did. We created Metro, a design language described by multiple industry experts as, "sleek, quick, and modern," aimed to give the user the impression of an "alive" and responsive UI with "an added sense of depth." Metro laid the foundation for the future of today. And, there's 3D Map Typography, another collaborative contribution that changed the world of motion.


I’m a master level yoga teacher who awakens students to fully live life, on and off the mat, as well as through revolutionary motorcycle journeys that include yoga and meditation, here and abroad in India.

I came fully alive while biking up to the uppermost point of the Himalayas under the guidance of Anand, a guru who taught me how to transcend my consciousness. “The Highest Pass” is an award winning documentary that witnessed my experience. Since then, I’ve brought my son to India several times, and while I won’t be taking you to the highest pass, I invite you to shake out fear with other like-minded folks during a spiritual bike ride of a lifetime. Stay tuned for particulars about upcoming moto adventures in India and in the US, coming soon!


I fell in love with the practice of yoga at a local gym. It was 2001, and I tried it as a way to heal some injuries after practicing Tae Kwon Do for many years. Yoga awakened me to a timeless, eternal pull of wisdom that enthralls my Spirit.

In 2009, I met Anand Mehrotra, Master Teacher and Founder of Sattva Yoga, a fresh and ancient holistic yoga practice born out of the Himalayas, India. I immersed myself in this profoundly healing practice and discovered it to be a way of life. Sattva Yoga touched every dimension of my being on and off the mat.

As can be seen in the award winning documentary, “The Highest Pass,” Anand led a handful of students on motorbikes up to the supreme peak of the Himalayas. I am fortunate to be one of yogi riders who got to participate in this adventure of a lifetime. This journey liberated and freed me from fear that I didn’t understand. You can read more about this adventure of a lifetime in the Moto section.

Fear leaves little to no room to love, enjoy life, and to grow and I want to experience all of it! I devoted myself to this practice and I am now certified as a 500 hour Master Level Yoga Instructor, (RYT 500).
Stay tuned for local Sattva Yoga events!

“The ego is too afraid to allow you to live, and it is too afraid to allow you to die.”


Let's Create Something Beautiful


Personal Mantra

I Thrive on Beauty –
as a Creator, Observer, Appreciator, and Collaborator.
I AM Voraciously Curious About Life and Art and
Every Day, I Deepen Roots as an Explorer of Spirit, Mind, and Body.
More than an Enthusiast,
Yoga is a Holistic Way of Life.
I AM a High Ranking Martial Artist.
With a Willingness to Grow, Evolve, and Expand, for as Long as I AM on Earth.
Shrinking is Not an Option.
I AM a Seeker of Truth and Committed to Expanding Consciousness.
Simplicity is my Style.
I Cultivate my Commitment as a Devoted Husband and Father, on a Daily Basis.
Motorcycle Adventures Suit Me. I Journeyed to “The Highest Pass,′′ the Highest
Motorable road on earth, in the Himalayas India, to Overcome Fear, Increase
Courage, and Uplift the Spirit. And I Did.
Devotee of Mother Earth, Supreme Gardener, and Cook.
I AM a Professional Designer, Animator, and Motion Guru.
I Welcome Creating Beauty and Collaborating with You.

- Motorcycle Yogi

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